No matter what type of event you are planning, we have solutions to best fit your needs. We cater to you, our customer.  From concession foods to specific cuisine, we can provide it all.

You tell us what you are looking for and we’ll customize a menu to your needs. Any cuisine category, special dietary needs or restrictions menus or budget.  We will create a menu that will have everyone happy.


We do everything that is needed to make your picnic very special from the set-up to tear down. We bring all the makings from the little things to the great big ones.

Picnic Foods


Grill Foods

Bratwursts Hot Links Turkey Legs
Chicken Breasts Pork Chops Vegetables
Grilled Corn Polish Sausage Vegetable Burgers
Hamburgers Potatoes, Roasted
Hot Dogs Steaks

Cold Sides 

Bruschetta Hummus Salad, Pasta
Cheese Platter Salad, Bean Salad, Potato
Dip, Bean Salad, Beet Salad, Seven Layer
Dip, French Onion Salad, Chicken Salad, Tomato
Dip, Garlic Salad, Cole Slaw Salad, Tuna
Dip, Ranch Salad, Corn Salad, Vegetable
Dip, Vegetable Salad, Cucumber Salad, Toss Garden
Fresh Fruit Salad, Quinoa Vegetable Platters

Snacks & Desserts 

Brownies Fritter Stix Potato Chips
Cakes, Full/Half Sheets Fudge Potato Chips, Home-made
Cakes, Cup Funnel Cake Pretzels
Cake, Custom Ice Cream/Frozen Novelties Salt Water Taffy
Candy Apples Indian Fry Bread Shaved-Ice
Carmel Corn Italian Ice Slushes
Cookies Malts & Shakes Tortilla Chips
Churrros Popcorn
Donuts Popcorn Balls


Barbecue Sauce Guacamole Pickles, Dill
Celery Salt Hot Sauce Pickles, Kosher
Cheese Horseradish Pepper
Chili Peppers Horseradish, Sauce Peppers, Sport
Chili Sauce Mayonnaise Relish
Cucumbers Mustard Ground Salt
Chutney Mustard Spicy Salad Dressing
Cocktail Sauce Mustard Yellow Salsa
Crushed Red Pepper Onions, Chopped Sauerkraut
Ketchup Onions, Sliced Sour Cream

Fun Foods

Concession foods, carnival foods


Equipment Fudge Peanuts & Nuts
Cakes & Pies Funnel Cake Pizza
Candy Apples Home made Potato Chips Pop Corn
Carmel Corn Hot Chocolate Pop Corn Balls
Cookies & Brownies Ice Cream Pretzels
Corn Dogs Indian Fry Bread Roasted Corn
Cotton Candy Italian Ice Salt Water Taffy
Churrros Malts & Shakes Shave-Ice
Donuts Nachos Slush
Fritter Stix Peanut Brittle Sno Cone